When we arrive at the future, where will it have come from?

Welcome to FutureVisions

Where and who do we want to be?
How might we get there?

Before we can make the future(s) we want, we have to imagine them.

This site is for you to add your imagined futures, and explore and interact with other people’s.

When posting, please
Be hopeful
Be bold
Be kind.

We look forward to your FutureVisions!

Max Saunders & Lisa Gee

The FutureVisions website aims to:

  • collect and showcase as many different visions of the future, contributed by as many different people as possible, in as many different forms as possible
  • promote generative conversations between contributors/contributions that lead to connections formed between ideas, visions and –ultimately – people
  • promote hope, bold imaginings and kindness

We will be moderating content, as we want the site to be suitable for everyone aged 13+ (so it’s a no to explicit sex and violence).

You retain the copyright for your contributions, and are free to delete these at any point. Any questions, please email futurevisions@contacts.bham.ac.uk and we’ll get back to you asap.

The FutureVisions website is part of the Future Thinking project led by Professor Max Saunders and Dr Lisa Gee at the University of Birmingham. For more information visit www.birmingham.ac.uk/futures

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